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"Johnny Magory & The Farmyard Feasta"

Johnny Magory

"Johnny Magory & The Farmyard Feasta"


By Emma-Jane Leeson.

Johnny Magory and the Farmyard Féasta is here!

Join Johnny Magory, his sister Lily-May and their trusty dog Ruairi as they visit Granny and Grandad Magory’s farm to help with the harvest.

Everybody has a job to do to prepare for the féasta. Johnny and Lily-May get side-tracked when a clever Irish Greyhound Pig concocts a plan to benefit himself and all the other traditional Irish farmyard animals.

Characters such as Dexter cows, Galway sheep and Connemara ponies all reap the benefits of a farmyard féasta.

Will Johnny and Lily-May forget who the beautiful, traditional Irish food prepared for the feast really should be for?

 Illustrated by the amazing Kim Shaw from Kilkenny, this book has been a long time in the making having written it over 3 years ago!

Good things come to those who wait though and we are thrilled with the stunning illustrations and job that Kim did on the book.

As with every single one of our books, it is 100% Guaranteed Irish, written, edited, illustrated and printed all within Ireland.




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