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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Mamma's

Clare Tully

Posted on January 28 2020

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Mamma's

When both of my babies were born, some of the best gifts that we received from family and friends was their time (so I could sleep & shower), and food. Chances are that the new mum in your life has all the sleepsuits, blankets and teddy bears that she will ever need. If you're looking for some ideas for more useful and thoughtful gifts for new parents, here are some ideas that won't break the bank.


New parents barely have time to eat, let alone cook a meal. Do them a favour by showing up with a home-cooked meal, and maybe some dinners for the freezer to tide them over for a couple of days (lasagne, chilli and curry freeze well). Easy to assemble items like a cooked chicken, pasta salad, deli meats, cheese etc would be handy to for making lunches. Drop in milk, bread and biscuits if you're passing. I found we ran out of essentials regularly with all the visitors popping in and out in the first few weeks.


When I had Jack, I didn’t fancy packing a newborn into the car, so I bought everything online – nappies, formula, bottles, and so on. Tesco or Supervalu vouchers are a practical gift for the new Mammy to use on having her groceries delivered. Similarly, a voucher for the local Chinese will come in handy when the visitors bringing food dry up, and the wrecked new parents don’t fancy cooking. For something just for the new mammy, a voucher to get her hair and nails done will perk her right up when she needs it most.


I always suggest that new mamma's keep a to-do list on the fridge so that when people want to help, they can just work from the list. When you visit new parents, get busy and empty the dishwasher, put out the bins, do a load of laundry – or just hold the baby while mammy has a shower or takes a nap! If there are siblings in the house, take them to the playground, cinema or playdate.


Hiring a cleaner once a week was a life saver for me when Jack was born. It’s definitely a luxury, but gifting a couple of weeks worth of a cleaning service to new parents is a very practical, thoughtful gift. On a budget? Offer to pop over once a week and give the house a hoover and a mop. It will make the world of difference to a tired new mammy. The same goes for laundry. The washing pile with new babies is never ending. Take a couple of loads home with you and return them to the new family freshly washed.


I am definitely the sentimental type. Babies grow so quickly in the first year, it goes by in a blur. I love keepsakes like a baby record book or keepsake box. Another gorgeous keepsake idea is a beautiful personalised print for baby's room. We have several prints from Precious Prints, including a gorgeous print of Ada's name for her nursery. Looking for something personal for Mammy? Consider a necklace with baby's initial or name, or the super-cool Mammy necklace from Far Fetched Accessories.

I really hope this list was helpful in inspiring some outside-the-box gift ideas. Of course, we are always here to help put together gifts for new parents, precious newborns or little ones on the move. Tap here to shop our gifts for mammy, baby and beyond.

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