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The Teething Survival Kit

Clare Tully

Posted on April 19 2020

The Teething Survival Kit


Let's talk about that old parenting foe...the Teething Fairy.


Jack cut his first two teeth, the bottom two, the week after he turned 4 months old. Ada was a little later at 5 months. Both equally miserable and brutal experiences for all of us. Teething is exhausting for the whole family, and I like to think of it as a time for survival, and not for perfect parenting. As long as everyone gets some sleep, that's a result. 

Here are my top tips for surviving teething;

  • Teething Gel: I’ve tried pretty much all of the teething gels on the market. None of them are miracle workers, but some do seem to provide relief. My go-to is Bonjela, but if you can get it, Calgel is the business. It's not sold in the Republic of Ireland, but can be bought in Northern Ireland (or rumour has it certain local chemists will have it behind the counter if you ask).
  • Teethers: Sophie the Giraffe is a favourite in our house, loved by both of my babies! Sophie, the Oli & Carol carrot teether, and the Matchstick Monkey are on constant rotation in our house. I also keep a few of the teething rings you can buy in the chemist in the freezer to help cool down sore gums.
  • Nappy Cream: Teething often brings nappy rash along with it. I find good old Sudocream helpful, paired with Caldesene powder. Lassar Paste is also wonderful.
  • Absorbent Bibs: The drool situation is real! The Baby Boo Bandana Bibs are the best bibs on the market. I wouldn't even waste my time or money buying any other brand. They're the most absorbent, wash well and come in lots of gorgeous designs.
  • Painkillers: When the teething pain really hits, I use Calpol. 

Teething is a horrible experience as a parent, it’s awful to think of your child in pain. Cuddles and extra attention will also make your little one feel more at ease. The struggle is real but all of these tactics make it bearable. 

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