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Let's Talk Weaning!

Clare Tully

Posted on March 09 2020

Let's Talk Weaning!


Let's talk weaning! We are by no means experts, but we have been there and batch-cooked that! Weaning is such a fun experience for both baby and parents, but it can be daunting too. So, we are hoping to take a little mystery out of it by giving some tips, sharing our favourite Insta weaning accounts and our top 3 weaning essentials!

When should you start weaning? 
Current guidelines recommend introducing solids from 6 months.

Signs that baby is ready to wean are;

  • No longer sticking their tongue out when you put something in their mouth.
  • Ability to hold their head steady.
  • Ability to sit for a few seconds with little or no help.
  • Baby can pick things up in their fist and put them in their mouth.


Traditional Weaning v. Baby-Led Weaning?
There is no right or wrong method to weaning. It's entirely up to you, your family circumstances and what method you prefer.

Traditional weaning is the approach where you feed baby, and gradually introduce more whole/solid foods. It starts with smooth purees, moving onto mashed and chopped foods and eventually finger foods and small bites.

Baby-led weaning is the approach where baby feeds themselves. Foods are solid from the start in a finger food form, and the child is able to explore their food at their own pace.

Our Top 3 Weaning Essentials
As you know, at Jackanory we only stock products we would, and do, use for our own families. Having weaned two smallies, these are my Top 3 Must-Haves for starting solids!

1. My Feeding Pal Plate: The only plate that actually sticks to the highchair. Bonus for separating food for fussy toddlers!
2. Weaning Cookbooks: I love "Baby-Led Weaning" by Aileen Cox-Blundell, "The Complete Baby & Toddler Cookbook" by Nevin Maguire, and "The Baby & Family Recipe Book" by Mummycooks.
3. My Feeding Pal Feeder: The perfect tool for first tastes. Baby can safely taste foods and it works wonderfully for teething if you freeze puree or breastmilk in it! Bonus for being silicone and dishwasher safe.

Weaning Accounts We Love!

A little preparation, and the right tools can make weaning a breeze. When it's time, enjoy the process and embrace the mess!

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