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The Baby Shower Guide

Clare Tully

Posted on February 13 2020

The Baby Shower Guide

They say Baby Showers are the new Hen. Previously slated as "notions" or "American", the trend in celebs throwing lavish showers for their pals has seen the Baby Shower become hugely popular in Ireland. Most Mammas-to-be have one nowadays, yet they are still an alien concept to most.

In researching this post, I polled our followers on Instagram.

  • 41% of followers had a Baby Shower
  • 47% struggled with what gift to bring to a Baby Shower
  • 36% have planned a shower for a new mum

I've had two Baby Showers. Jack was born in the States, so it was pretty much expected. My lovely in-laws threw us a co-ed (so boys were invited) shower. When Ada was on the way, my gorgeous sister threw me a surprise baby shower for just my nearest and dearest gals. Both were fabulous parties, and I really enjoyed celebrating my impending arrivals with those I love. I've also attended lots of baby showers, and find they are such a lovely way to catch up with the mama-to-be before she is swamped with a new baby and a houseful of visitors.

The idea of a Baby Shower is to "shower" the mum-to-be with love, and with gifts to help them prepare for their new arrival. It's typically held in the afternoon, with finger food and drinks. Afternoon Tea showers are quite trendy too. There are plenty of silly games, predictions like when will baby arrive, and advice for the new parents. All guests are expected to bring a gift, which the new mum will usually open at the shower. 

With baby showers being so new to us in Ireland, it can be hard to know what gift to buy. Again, I asked the experts (aka. my lovely Insta followers) what was the best baby gift that they received.

Here are some suggestions;

Practical: Nappies, Sterliser, Baby Bath, Thermometer, First Aid Kit, Baby Clothes, Sleeping Bags, Muslins, Swaddle Blankets, Baby Nest, Socks, Cuddle Co Blanket, Basket of Practical Supplies.

Thoughtful: Handmade Baby Blanket, Baby Record Book, Milestone Cards, Baby Keepsake Box, Baby Playmat, Personalised Baby Gro.

Creative: A Month Worth of Cleaning, Vouchers for Boots/Smyths/Tesco, Kindle.

Forward-Thinking: Baby Cookbooks, Sleep-aids like the Baby Sleep Solution by Lucy Wolfe, Bath Swivel Seat, Sophie la Girafe.

Tech: Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, Gro Egg, Ewan the Sheep, Sleep-aid Teddy (side note: we have the MyHummy and it's excellent).

When you're gifting, don't forget the exhausted mammy-to-be! The aforementioned vouchers, cleaning and kindle make lovely gifts for a new mum. You could also consider vouchers for hair/nails/massage, hand cream or some lovely toiletries for her hospital bag. 

Last but not least, remember the baby shower is about celebrating this new chapter in your gals life. Don't get overwhelmed with the etiquette or what-to-buys, your presence will mean the world to her, so just have fun!


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